How to choose a good SEO agency (positioning company)

Search engine traffic for most sites accounts for over 60% of all traffic. Once acquired positions in search results persist for a longer period and do not require continuous cash injections as in the case of paid advertising.
However, these positions must be somehow acquired. SEO agencies dealing with positioning help in this.
How do you choose the best one that will reliably do its job and not rip off your last shirt?

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Who you need, i.e. measure your strength on intentions

The degree of difficulty in positioning a website depends on its competition. The stronger it is, the higher the requirements for positioning companies will be and, as a result, not all of them will be able to promote you.
If you operate in a niche or your goal is to appear on local search results then you will have an easier task. Your competition should not be too big so entering the top 10 should be fairly easy. Most companies should be able to position your website. With a little self-denial and free time, you can even try to position yourself.
If you have a company that operates on a market with medium competition and / or on a large territory, then positioning your site will be much more difficult. You may not even be able to "stick" to some phrases. In this situation, instead of regular positioning, you need to look for advertising agencies that deal with integrated marketing.

Thanks to content marketing, you'll be able to "collect" traffic from hundreds of rarely typed phrases (though it can also help you get a few places for very popular phrases) with very low competition.
Marketing in social networks will not have a direct impact on your position in Google, but thanks to it you can accumulate so-called natural links that can improve this position.
If you want to promote yourself to the first pages of high competition results then you need to be prepared for the fact that in the vast majority of cases it will not be possible to appear on them (and sometimes even on the second and third pages). Most of these results are occupied by market titans who spend millions on positioning (for many years).
In this case, the best solution will be for you to fight for a long tail with the help of the already mentioned content marketing and promotion with as many channels as possible. In other words, go to the integrated marketing agency again.

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Don't believe in fairy tales

If you want to position yourself on phrases with a lot of competition, look for a company with which you will be able to have an open dialogue on the positioning methods used.
Well, positioning has always been associated with some controversy. Until the beginning of 2013 it was very profitable to use techniques that brought good and quick results but were not allowed by Google - the so-called black hat techniques.
Since then, the Mountain View giant has introduced many changes in its algorithm. They caused penalties (so-called filters) to be imposed on some of the mis-positioned pages, which significantly reduced their search engine rankings. Sometimes to the extent that there was nothing to save and the only option for site owners was to buy new domains.
However, this did not lead to the complete cessation of the use of unauthorized techniques. Some agencies are still using some of them (though more carefully and to a lesser extent) because ... it forces the market.
Customers require results. SEO agencies that are unable to achieve them using white hat methods are at a disadvantage compared to those using shady methods.
However, customers are usually not aware of how their websites are positioned (from the kitchen).
However, you must be aware of how your site is positioned. You need to find a company with which you will be able to have an open dialogue about what is being done and what methods.

Settle your mind

Many positioning companies pay for results, i.e. only when your page appears on the first page of Google results for a specific phrase. At first glance, this method of accounting seems to be very fair but in fact it can lead to abuse.
By using the services of such agencies, you risk that your site will be positioned for easy phrases from which the traffic will be worthless.
You can protect yourself by ordering an analysis of key phrases and recommendations of the best phrases in another positioning company.
Another way of settlement is a fixed monthly fee, however, this method is also not ideal because it does not motivate you to work.
The best way to settle is to combine both of these methods (with a slight modification). A fixed but relatively small monthly fee will cover part of the cost of the positioners' work and the bonus will be motivating and encouraging to work.
But what is the bonus for?
Here you can figure a little bit. You can withdraw the bonus for reaching specific positions for specific, proven phrases. You can also set a bonus for valuable qualified traffic (visitors are on the site for over 30 seconds - this can be set in Google Analytics) or in the amount of a percentage of sales (only a few positioning companies may be interested in this model of settlement)Tight Slice.